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Do you have difficulty expressing your feelings? Do you sometimes feel like you need to release pent-up emotion?

Journaling may be the perfect outlet!

Imagine your emotions are air in a tire. If the pressure gets too great, the tire can burst. Journaling is one of many ways you can open the valve of that internal “tire” and release some of the pressure, so you can live a happy, enriching life. By expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper, you’re able to clear your mind and focus on the here and now.

Despite popular belief, journaling doesn’t follow a script. Would you prefer to draw pictures of how you’re feeling? Go right ahead. Would you like to scribble illegible words onto paper in no particular order? That’s fine, too. Journaling isn’t professional writing. It doesn’t have to tell a story, be in a certain order, or even involve words at all. The only requirement for journaling is that you are present with your feelings, allowing you to put any external worries, cares, or problems out of your mind.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) uses journaling at Project Odyssey® because … well … it works! Journaling is not for everyone, but if you’d like to give it a shot, here are a few different types of journaling from the WWP Project Odyssey crew to help get you started:


Find your center:
Take a writing instrument and paper and find a peaceful place to sit; somewhere you feel safe and secure. For 15 minutes, just write about what you see, hear, and smell and how those things make you feel. It’s ok if this entry doesn’t follow a normal narrative, as long as it relates to where you are in the here and now.


Gratitude Journaling:
Make a list of things you’re grateful for today. Maybe it’s your spouse, maybe it’s your friends, your surroundings, or even simply that the sun rose. Why are you grateful for those things and how does that gratitude influence the rest of your day? If, during the day, you feel like you’re getting overwhelmed, refer back to this list and remember the good things!


What Lies Ahead:
Your past is your past, and it cannot be changed. Instead, focus on the future. What do you want your next chapter to be? This focus isn’t on the long-term future; just the next day, week, or month at the latest. Envision your ideal self and how you want to continue to grow! Remember, no one can write your story but you, so be sure to choose your favorite ending!

For more information, click here or contact the resource center at 888.WWP.ALUM (997.2596).


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