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Inspirational Cycling Event Helps Injured Service Members Heal

ATLANTA - Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Soldier Ride® will arrive in Atlanta on April 23 for a three-day rehabilitative cycling event. Soldier Ride brings injured veterans from across the country together for a long weekend focused on physical health and wellness, camaraderie, and healing.

The wheels are set in motion with a bike fitting where injured service members are fit with adaptive equipment on April 23 at the Evergreen Marriott Conference Center. During the three-day event, Wounded Warrior Project provides state-of-the-art cycling equipment to injured service members at no cost, including adaptive hand cycles, trikes, and bicycles to accommodate various injuries and disabilities, as well as upright road bikes for riders not requiring adaptive equipment. 

The following day, the group of nearly 50 veterans will depart from Stone Mountain Park in Coronado for a 10-mile ride. That afternoon they head to Stone Mountain Golf Club for a golf clinic where they will hone their skills on the links. On Saturday, April 25, an 18-mile ride will take place in White, Ga, starting at Cass High School.

“Through WWP, my family and I are able to be around other people who understand what we have gone through,” said U.S. Marine veteran Daniel English of Monticello, Ga. “I look forward to participating in Soldier Ride and spending time with others who can relate to my experiences. By participating in Soldier Ride and other WWP events, I hope to one day be able to provide support to my fellow warriors like WWP has supported me.”

Soldier Ride staff carefully plan each route and engage the local community and law enforcement for support.

Soldier Ride is also being supported across the country by U-HAUL®, a founding partner of Soldier Ride, and TREK, both proud supporters of WWP.

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