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WWP Thanks Hospital Personnel Through Resiliency Program

The Wounded Warrior Project resiliency program supports the dedicated personnel who care for wounded service members and their families in the initial days and weeks following an injury.

The program aims to show our deep gratitude to the teams at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) and Ramstein Air Base in Germany and other international medical treatment facilities for the care and support they tirelessly provide to the wounded and their families, during an incredibly fragile and scary time. It is important that these brave men and women see the positive long-term impact they have on warriors every day.

These activities include “thank you” posters and video campaigns featuring wounded veterans’ success stories. For hospital staff it can be tremendously fulfilling to see how far an injured service member has come from their first days in the hospital. Other events offered to staff and their families are offsite dinners, game nights, and writers guild events.

Staff resiliency luncheons, another unique offering, are designed to allow these dedicated healthcare professionals to reconnect with a rehabilitated warrior. Here, the warrior and his or her family are able to personally thank the medical staff for their lifesaving actions.

View the touching stories below of warriors who have successfully transitioned and share their thanks with the LRMC staff.

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