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WASHINGTON, April 17, 2017 -- Backpacking in the wilderness and maintaining your bicycle are activities that require a certain level of preparation and technique. That's why Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) recently teamed up with outdoor retailer REI to host an afternoon class on how master these activities.

Like many others at the event, Army veteran Stephanie Hornedo was a newcomer to backpacking.

"I have done some beginner hikes, but nothing requiring the equipment or tools that REI was demonstrating," Stephanie said. "That was really interesting to see – what I thought was essential for a hike was way different from what the professionals say is essential."

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COTTAGE GROVE, Minn., April 12, 2017 -- While progress has been made in raising awareness of veteran suicide, the sad truth is that some dealing with the visible and invisible wounds of war still choose to end their lives. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) recently teamed up with the Minnesota Army National Guard to host an Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) course for injured veterans and service members. The training provided useful lifesaving skills, and it was an opportunity for warriors to connect and discuss a stark military issue.

Participants took part in an immersive, two-day interactive workshop on suicide first aid. ASIST – a program widely used by healthcare providers – teaches people to recognize the first signs of suicidal thoughts or actions and to create a plan with at-risk individuals to ensure their immediate safety.

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TAMPA, Fla., April 11, 2017 -- Making the transition from the military to a civilian career can be challenging. Skills honed during service to our country do not immediately translate to skills sought out by many employers. But they should. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) works with veterans directly to ensure what they learned in the military extends to a meaningful career.

Marine Corps veteran Stephen Pearson attended a recent WWP program event in Tampa to connect with potential employers.

"Wounded Warrior Project had so many companies available to answer our questions, including some we never thought to ask," Stephen said. "Each and every company representative shared insight on what to do and what not to do while pursuing employment."

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PITTSBURGH, April 10, 2017 -- Unique ways to get moving and stay in shape might not always come naturally. But at a recent Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) physical health and wellness event, warriors used a workout tool familiar to many in the military: sandbags.

"On one of my first coaching calls with a Wounded Warrior Project staff member, I brought up how useful I found these sandbags to be," said Army veteran Stephen Tyson. "At first, I was looking for equipment that would allow me to get a good workout at home. They ended up being an ideal way to do functional exercises with my injury; strength and conditioning are what I need the most. So when I saw Wounded Warrior Project offering a sandbag class, I was excited to get more exposure and insight on new techniques."

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HONOLULU, April 10, 2017 -- Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) veterans recently connected with one another during a friendly dinner. As they got their fill of brisket, porchetta, and pig head, warriors experienced firsthand what is possible at social events that get them out of the house to engage with fellow service members.

Participants enjoyed the family-style meal, and to get the social interaction flowing, warriors and guests played a round of "What's the craziest thing you've ever eaten?" and shared branches of service.

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FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla., April 6, 2017 -- Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Peer Support Group members recently took part in some friendly competition with Team Red, White, & Blue during a bowling gathering. Through strikes and gutter balls, injured veterans experienced what is possible at events that get them out of the house and connect them with fellow service members and their communities.

With the spirit of camaraderie present, it was easy for the groups to share benefits of each participating organization. WWP's Peer Support program empowers injured veterans to support one another in a local community environment. Team Red, White, & Blue's mission is to improve the quality of life for veterans through social and physical activity.

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WASHINGTON, April 6, 2017 -- President Donald Trump honored a group of wounded veterans at a White House ceremony during Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Soldier Ride®. This segment of the iconic bicycle ride follows a proud tradition among United States presidents that began in 2008 with President George W. Bush and continued through 2016 with President Barack Obama.

"This was an amazing experience for our warriors, and I am so grateful for President Donald Trump's kind words and encouragement," said WWP CEO Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Linnington. "For over a decade, Wounded Warrior Project has worked with our nation's leaders to connect our wounded veterans with services that will empower them to live their lives on their own terms. We look forward to maintaining collaboration with this administration to extend that legacy of service to this generation of injured service members." 

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DALLAS, April 4, 2017 -- Professional ice hockey goalie helmet designs are the stuff of legends in the sports world. For decades, the designs have been funny, artistic, intimidating, and terrifying – each a reflection of the unique personality behind the mask. Dallas Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen's design is deeply personal; on his helmet sits the logo for Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP). At a recent veteran's appreciation night hosted by the Dallas Stars, he put his helmet up for auction to raise money and awareness for WWP.

"My family and I appreciate the sacrifices these veterans have made," Kari said. "As a player, I am surrounded by people who are there to support me through my career and whatever injuries I might face on the ice. In the same way, Wounded Warrior Project provides crucial support programs to veterans, and I am happy to be able to help them continue their mission."

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MCALLEN, Texas, April 4, 2017 -- Local veterans enjoyed a special night of bonding at a recent Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Peer Support Group meeting. The event was an opportunity to raise esprit de corps among McAllen wounded warriors through video gaming.

Video gaming is used as a means of therapy and increasing morale for warriors on deployment and those who return home with injuries. It becomes more impactful for injured veterans with little to do in small towns who are wanting to connect with one another, their friends, and families in a safe environment.

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WASHINGTON, April 4, 2017 -- The capital of the United States will host Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Soldier Ride® as a group of our nation's heroes begins a journey toward recovery alongside their fellow warriors. President Donald Trump will honor wounded veterans served by WWP at the White House on April 6 during a special ceremony. This segment of the event continues a proud tradition among United States presidents that began in 2008 with President George W. Bush and continued through 2016 with President Barack Obama.

"For over a decade, Wounded Warrior Project has worked with our nation's leaders to improve the lives of wounded veterans and connect them with services that will empower them to live their lives on their own terms," said WWP CEO Lt. Gen. (Ret.) Mike Linnington.

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