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PENNSAUKEN, N.J. – Injured service members and their families volunteered at the South Jersey Food Bank recently to bond, while making a difference in their community. The effort was a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni activity and included time during lunch to learn more about WWP programs and services.

The WWP Alumni program generates support through shared experiences. Many wounded veterans and family support members face similar challenges adjusting to injuries and civilian life; by bonding at events like this, they learn they are not alone.

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Chicago (February 22, 2016) – Sleeping with the fishes usually comes with a more serious connotation, but thanks to an Alumni program event hosted by Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP), the definition may have just changed. The Shedd Aquarium in Chicago recently hosted 68 injured service members and their families for a sleepover event, which included exhibit tours and a dolphin show, where attendees learned more about the sea-dwelling mammals and their trainers. 

“The dolphin show was a ton of fun for the kids,” said WWP Alumnus Anthony Martinez. “We learned a lot about how intelligent they are and about the training they go through. The trainers were very insightful and eager to put on a good show for us.”

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GLEN BURNIE, Md., (February 20, 2016) – Injured service members are learning techniques in improvisation and storytelling to create a monologue based on their personal story. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has partnered with The Theatre Lab to offer WWP Alumni an opportunity to participate in the groundbreaking Life Stories program. The wounded veterans’ enthusiasm during the Life Stories program transformed their two one-night workshops into a full six-week session for WWP Alumni. 

This workshop event is part of the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni program which provides support through shared experiences. For WWP, there is a distinct difference between members and Alumni; the term Alumni itself denotes your earned place in the organization. Wounded veterans who register with WWP are Alumni and there are no dues here - those were paid by serving our nation.

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (February 20, 2016) – Armed with their hands and their grit, a group of Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni practiced and honed their self-defense techniques at a training seminar sponsored by WWP. Instructed by former Navy SEAL Al Horner, the women-only group of wounded veterans learned skills through the “Not Me!” self-defense course that empowers participants with skills to prevent attacks and escape in the event of a worst case scenario.

“Our discussion focused on how not to be a victim,” explained Ginger MacDonald, Army veteran and WWP Alumna. “Al was super knowledgeable and made the lessons and techniques very accessible to first-timers. It wasn’t about strength, but about knowledge, and how a few simple techniques can make anyone safer. I’m going to show my nieces everything I learned the next time I see them."

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (February 12, 2016) – Wine and pizza may not sound like the most romantic of meals, but for a group of Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni and their significant others, it was a date night to remember. 20 couples recently gathered at Wine and Canvas in Jacksonville for an early Valentine’s Day celebration of food, drink, and painting, sponsored by WWP. 

Marine Corps veteran and WWP Alumnus Lewis Taylor attended the event with his wife, where they were able to reconnect with local friends.

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AUSTIN, Texas (February 12, 2016) – A group of wounded veterans got together recently to test their wings and take flight at an indoor skydiving event hosted by Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) as part of the Alumni program. Fourteen WWP Alumni flew, hovered, and floated their way through an afternoon of camaraderie, fun, and relaxation. 

Clarence, an Army veteran and WWP Alumnus, said that it was an amazing experience. “The instructors were very helpful and put us through a safety class to make sure we knew what we were doing. It was a great feeling; like you were just floating there, suspended without strings.”

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SAN DIEGO, Calif. (February 10, 2016) – A group of injured service members came together for an intense cycling adventure during Base Camp in San Diego. Base Camp is for Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni who have completed a Soldier Ride® and want to share a more in depth cycling challenge with other wounded veterans. The event unites injured service members from across the country for 3 days to focus on good health, camaraderie, and healing.

The first full day was dedicated to education and preparation for the main ride to follow. The group joined instructors at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Chula Vista to learn practical bike maintenance and practice specific biking drills to improve control and efficiency.

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LAWRENCEBURG, Ind. (February 9, 2016) – Wounded veterans and their families enjoyed an exhilarating afternoon snow tubing at Perfect North Slopes. The gathering helped create memories and allow injured service members and their families’ time to bond.

This event is part of the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) Alumni program which provides support through shared experiences for wounded service members and their families.The WWP Alumni program is one of 20 free programs and services; it offers a wide range of activities and events throughout the year.

Over 80 wounded veterans and their families participated in the snowy adventure. For most is was their first time at the park.

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HONOLULU, Hawaii. (February 2, 2016) – A group of wounded veterans toured Kualoa Ranch on Oahu Island recently. You may not recognize the name, but the location was used in “Jurassic Park,” “Godzilla,” “Windtalkers,” and many other movies and television shows. 

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) took these injured veterans touring on all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) to help build camaraderie. WWP sees engagement as a key pillar in recovery for wounded veterans. Through shared experiences-- such as sporting events, social gatherings, or ATV tours-- injured service members can build their own network of support. WWP offers 20 free programs and services to help wounded veterans in their recovery.

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MARICOPA, Ariz. (February 5, 2016) – After serving her country in the Navy, and a career flying with a major airline, Nik Alfred has accomplished a lot in her life, but she experienced a first - flying in a hang glider.

Nik joined a group of wounded veterans at Phoenix Regional Airport in Maricopa to take flight. 

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) provided injured veterans the opportunity to engage with other wounded service members. WWP sees these opportunities as an important part of a wounded veteran’s recovery. Through shared experiences, injured service members can build a support structure to help in times of need.

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