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JACKSONVILLE, Fla.(August 25, 2015) – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is officially serving more than 400 of this generation’s most seriously injured veterans and their caregivers through its Independence Program (IP), an innovative program created to help injured service members and veterans design their own paths from surviving to thriving.

IP is a partnership between WWP, the warrior, and his or her family or caregiver, and is uniquely structured to adapt to their ever-changing needs. IP pairs warriors who rely on their families and/or caregivers because of moderate-to-severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or other neurological conditions with a specialized case manager to develop a personalized plan to restore meaningful levels of activity, purpose, and independence into their daily lives. For many, this is an opportunity to participate in the types of daily tasks and meaningful activities others take for granted.

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WAIKIKI, Hawaii (August 21, 2015) – Injured veterans will help launch Duke’s OceanFest this weekend during the Na Koa Wounded Warrior Regatta. The event features 75 teams of canoers taking part in a series of races at Waikiki Beach at Fort DeRussy.  Three of the four divisions of the regatta feature veterans.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is taking part in the regatta to encourage engagement and physical health and wellness. Engagement is a key pillar of the WWP mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Injured veterans can build a network of support through shared experiences. Physical Health & Wellness is one of 20 free programs offered to wounded veterans to help reduce stress and combat depression. It also promotes an overall healthy and active lifestyle by encouraging participation in fun, educational activities. 

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KODIAK, Alaska (August 17, 2015) – After a week in the Alaskan wilderness, ten wounded veterans are back home.  Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) took the injured service members to Kodiak, Alaska for the tenth year in a row, for fishing, sight-seeing, and camaraderie.

WWP seeks to increase the engagement of injured service members as part of its Alumni Program, designed to provide support through shared experiences. The Alumni Program is one of 20 inclusive programs designed specifically for wounded veterans, their families, and caregivers, all provided free of charge.

WWP Alumnus Nathan Dee, who is originally from Alaska, spoke highly of the Kodiak experience. “I hardly ever get to go home to Alaska and fish like that. It brought back a lot of memories from my childhood,” Dee said.

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Jacksonville, Fla. (August 19, 2015) — Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) took 50 injured veterans, family members, and caregivers from its Independence Program (IP) to “Operation Down Home,” a weekend adaptive sports camp at the Lakeshore Foundation in Birmingham, Alabama. The Lakeshore Foundation serves all people with physical disabilities, but, in partnership with WWP, its Lima Foxtrot programs – which include Operation Down Home – are focused on providing physical rehabilitation services to injured service members at no charge.

During the camp, injured veterans participated in a variety of activities, including cycling, rock wall climbing, scuba, tennis, group nutrition sessions, swimming, wheelchair rugby, and more. These activities are designed to promote physical health and wellness while encouraging engagement and peer support. For these injured service members, Operation Down Home was an opportunity to participate in the types of meaningful activities others take for granted.

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Chicago, Ill. (August 6, 2015) – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) returns to Lake Michigan with over 30 injured veterans and their families for five days of physical health and wellness events during the annual Chicago Air and Water Show.

During this event, participants will have the opportunity to participate in adaptive water sports, including sailing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, in addition to several other activities designed to promote physical wellness and engagement with their fellow warriors.

According to our 2014 survey, over 82 percent of injured service members enrolled with WWP identify themselves as being either overweight or obese,” said Al Giordano, chief operating officer at WWP. “Events like these provide veterans with the opportunity to discover ways to regain a physically active and healthy lifestyle while also re-engaging with their brothers and sisters in arms.”

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., August 10, 2015 – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) has released three new television spots featuring award-winning country music singer and longtime WWP supporter Trace Adkins. The country star has volunteered his time to help spread a message of charity and altruism to potential donors of WWP. The WWP mission is to honor and empower Wounded Warriors by providing them with over 20 life-saving programs and services – all of which are free of charge to warriors, their families and caregivers.

“I consider it one of my life’s great honors to volunteer my time for those who have served and sacrificed for this great country,” said Adkins. “Many of these brave young heroes struggle with both the visible and invisible wounds of war and Wounded Warrior Project has stepped up to help them. For that, they have my gratitude and my support.”

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DAVIE, Fla. (August 10, 2015) – The Miami Dolphins and Bank of America are providing the VIP treatment for about 30 injured veterans at training camp Monday, August 10. The group is visiting the Dolphins’ Davie facility while being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms at the Veterans Affairs (VA) clinic in Miami.

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is helping make the trip possible as part of its mission to honor and empower Wounded Warriors. Engagement is a key factor in helping veterans cope with and heal from PTSD

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GULFPORT, Miss. (August 6, 2015) – Injured service members and their families recently enjoyed a hands-on, and educational experience at the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies in Gulfport, Mississippi. 

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) brought the group to the Institute June 30 as part of its Alumni program. Through shared experiences, WWP hopes to help injured service members become more engaged in their community and with other veterans. The Alumni program provides long-term support and camaraderie for wounded warriors through events, discounted services, and an online community.

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According to the Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) 2014 Annual Alumni Survey—a survey that has been completed annually since 2010, making it the most comprehensive and statistically relevant sample of this generation of injured service members—it is estimated that the unemployment rate for WWP Alumni is 13.9%; for non-active-duty Alumni the unemployment rate is reported to be 19.7%.

After military service, many injured veterans have difficulty transitioning into the civilian workforce. Often, the career transition is unplanned, and it becomes daunting for the warrior to believe they will be able to care financially for themselves and their families without the military. Typically, retired veterans who incur a service-connected medical injury will require resources beyond their post-military benefits. As a result, WWP focused data-driven attention on its Economic Empowerment pillar – one of the four pillars the nonprofit’s 20 free, programs and services are divided among, the others being Engagement, Mind, and Body.

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla., (July 30, 2015) – Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is officially serving more than 75,000 wounded veterans through its 20 free programs and services offered to engage warriors, nurture their minds and bodies and encourage economic empowerment.

The milestone comes in the wake of the organization announcing its goal to reach 100,000 injured veterans by 2017 and raise $500 million for its Long-Term Support Trust to care for the most severely wounded after their caregivers are no longer able to provide the necessary care. To further support the long-term needs of injured service members, WWP is launching a first-of-its-kind medical care network, Warrior Care Network™, to connect wounded veterans and their families with world-class, individualized mental health care.

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