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The Docu-Series Finale Concludes The 10th Anniversary Commemoration of Wounded Warrior Project And Debuts Sunday, October 26, at 1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT on MSNBC

Wounded: The Battle Back Home, a documentary-style film series devoted to sharing the stories of warriors with both visible and invisible wounds, returns October 28 on MSNBC with its finale episode, “Jamel: Operation Honor.” The series is produced in conjunction with Austin-based Flow Nonfiction and commemorates the 10-year anniversary of the nonprofit veterans service organization, Wounded Warrior Project®.

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"I went to a foreign country, and when I came back, this was the foreign country."


- Wounded Warrior Project 2014 Alumni Survey Respondent

Learn more about this generation of wounded service members through the 21,120 respondents of our fifth annual Alumni Survey. The survey provides critical information to help Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) refine existing programs and develop new initiatives to better serve wounded service members, their families, and caregivers. When we say we're committed for a lifetime, we mean it.

Learn more about the 2014 Alumni Survey here.

Honor and Empower Wounded Warriors - Combined Federal Campaign #11425


Wounded Warrior Project is proud to be a part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) as charity #11425. CFC is the world's largest and most successful annual workplace-charity campaign, with almost 200 CFC campaigns nationwide and overseas raising millions of dollars each year.

Support Wounded Warrior Project (#11425) this pledge season.

WWP Statement on the terrorist attack in Afghanistan

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is saddened to hear of a terrorist attack that occurred at Camp Qargha in Kabul, Afghanistan today, killing a U.S. General Officer and injuring at least 15 coalition troops from multiple nations. We wish to extend our deepest condolences to the families, friends and fellow service members of those involved in this tragedy. While many may forget, we at WWP acknowledge the harsh reality that we are a nation still at war. Today and every day, we stand ready to assist those who incur wounds as a result of their service to this great nation.

On behalf of the injured veterans and families who have and will continue to benefit from VA’s TBI Assisted Living pilot program, Wounded Warrior Project® is relieved to see that the Senate and House Veterans Affairs Committees listened to WWP’s calls for action and included a three-year extension of the program in their compromise agreement. This extension provides a reprieve for some of our nation’s most severely injured veterans who would otherwise be evicted from their rehabilitation program in the absence of congressional action, and would reopen the program for those who have been locked out since February.

WWP played an integral role in lobbying Congress to extend this pilot program; because of our efforts to mobilize veterans, supporters, and members of Congress to action, VA will continue providing the rehabilitative care and peace of mind that these veterans and their families have earned and deserve. We are grateful to the Conference Committee for recognizing and acting upon what WWP already knew: that age-appropriate, holistic rehabilitative TBI care is life-changing for this population of warriors and their families.

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Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is pleased that the nomination of Mr. Robert McDonald moved quickly and resulted in his confirmation today as Secretary of Veterans Affairs. We applaud his willingness to serve this Nation and its veterans.

We again urge Mr. McDonald to engage quickly and forcefully to seek solutions to the issues that have plagued the VA for decades. Much as he maintained a strong focus on culture at Proctor & Gamble, we hope he will continue that focus in his work at the VA to create a culture that restores veteran trust in the system. In our annual survey, the largest and most comprehensive study of this generation of wounded veterans, our more than 20,000 respondents indicate that the further they move away from their active service, the more they rely on the VA for care, and access to care for both physical injuries and mental health needs has consistently been identified as a major issue for the past five years.

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Testimony before the House Veterans Affairs Committee this week calling attention to VA’s inability to accurately and efficiently process veterans’ compensation claims is further evidence that the inefficiencies, mismanagement and manipulation of numbers discovered in the VA scandal at the Phoenix facility are not just present on the healthcare side of VA.  Wounded Warrior Project is frustrated that veterans to whom we owe the care and support they earned in service to their country continue to be ill-served by egregious administrative practices. 

VA’s mission – and mandate – is to serve and honor the men and women who have served this country and their families – yet VA has instituted smoke and mirror tactics in order to tout improvement, when in fact they are masking the true volume of pending claims by redefining what was considered “backlog” and by only partially adjudicating claims to change them from “pending status.” Rating claims are grouped in several categories based on the type of claim being made.

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During these challenging times, it is important to have strong leadership at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is encouraged by President Obama's decision to nominate Mr. Robert McDonald, former CEO of Procter & Gamble, as the new VA Secretary.

As a West Point graduate and long-time supporter of military causes, Mr. McDonald understands service.  As an experienced global CEO, he led a corporation with separate and distinct arms of operation, very similar to the VA. He maintained a strong focus on culture at P&G and will need to continue that focus in his work at the VA to restore veteran trust in the system.

We urge Mr. McDonald to engage quickly and forcefully, once confirmed, to seek solutions to the issues that have plagued the VA for decades.

As we have in the past, WWP will continue to be a strong, responsible, constructive voice for this generation of injured service members, families and caregivers and all of America's veterans with respect to the promised care earned through service to our Nation.

In the wake of reports of widespread falsification of records and inappropriate practices, today, Secretary Eric Shinseki tendered his resignation. Wounded Warrior Project® agrees that new leadership is needed in order to swiftly change the culture at VA that seems to tolerate, if not foster, lapses in ethics in providing care to all warriors.

Secretary Shinseki was an exemplary military leader and has been a dedicated public servant.  We thank him for his service to our country. 

With his departure, the conversation must refocus on what has been missing in the escalating storm of words regarding VA’s inappropriate scheduling practices: the search for root causes of these practices – and for fundamental solutions. Swift, stern discipline is critical. But that in no way assures that veterans across the country will immediately begin receiving timely, effective care. What our warriors tell us is that many VA facilities are simply overwhelmed and the most dedicated VA clinical staff cannot keep pace with veterans’ health care needs.

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With a generation of veterans with war-related injuries and illnesses reliant on the VA’s health care system, Wounded Warrior Project® is further disheartened by growing reports of systemic problems affecting the timeliness of care at many VA facilities.  

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee hearing on May 15, 2014 marked a welcome step -- with Senators demanding answers, and a bipartisan call for continuing Committee oversight. We remain troubled that VA’s Under Secretary for Health – long aware of timeliness issues and of patterns of false reporting to mask performance issues – had no ready answers beyond a commitment to dig deeper. 

VA Secretary Eric K. Shinseki’s commitment to the system-wide auditing of VHA’s adherence to timeliness requirements and to assessing whether the problems reported at many facilities are due to workforce shortages is an important step forward. However, as WWP has long highlighted, these are not new issues, and veterans continue to encounter delays in accessing mental health care at many facilities.

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