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Emergency Financial Assistance

Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) can provide emergency financial assistance to registered and approved warrior households for some, but not all, situations. A warrior household may be eligible for a one-time financial grant only when all other options have been exhausted. Requests for assistance can usually be fulfilled in two business days, and all payments will be made to a third party.

  • Past-due rent or mortgage
    • Does not include eviction or foreclosure
  • Past-due utilities with shut-off notice
    • Will cover what keeps services running, not the total bill
  • Hotel stays of up to two nights
    • Not in conjunction with travel or vacation
    • Will not cover incidentals
  • Food
    • Food banks, community resources, and local charities
    • Only applicable when all other options have been exhausted
  • Vision
    • Replacement of glasses or contacts
  • Medical and dental emergencies
    • Non-cosmetic
    • Follow-up costs associated with emergency care
    • Does not include co-pays
  • Home repair
    • The home must be considered uninhabitable
  • Transportation
    • Only when in conjunction with new employment
    • Assistance refers to transportation to/from work
    • Does not include repair costs, fees, insurance, or payments
  • Child Care
    • Only when in conjunction with new employment
    • WWP can assist with the initial payment 

For needs not listed above, please call or email the WWP Resource Center. We will help find other assistance options that work for you.


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