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2013 Awardees


Many nominated, over 7,500 people voted and Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) is proud to announce our 2013 Carry Forward Awardees!

WWP is honored to highlight the efforts of these five inspirational individuals who truly are carrying forward the WWP mission and making a difference in the lives of wounded service members and their families.

Learn about the new James Gandolfini Award.


Aidan Hughes

What could a high-school student possibly do about the problems of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)…
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Fred Kane

Fred Kane’s two sons served in the U.S. Army. When one of their buddies was killed in action, Fred decided to take…
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Joan Mehew

Joan Mehew is the Special Needs Director at the Dolphin Research Center (DRC) in the Florida Keys. She…
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Tracy Keil

Since Matt Keil was injured in 2007, he and his wife Tracy have become passionate about helping other…
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Vincent LaSorsa

Vincent LaSorsa, captain of singer Jimmy Buffett's fishing boat, first heard about Wounded Warrior Project…
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