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Wounded Warrior Project provides free programs and services focused on the physical, mental, and long-term financial well-being of this generation of injured veterans, their families and caregivers.



Wounded Warriors who incurred service-connected injuries or illness on or after September 11, 2001 are eligible for the WWP Alumni program. No dues here - you paid those on the battlefield. Check out all the benefits and register today.



When a warrior faces challenges, the family experiences those challenges along with their warrior. We support family members who suddenly find they are serving as full-time supporters or caregivers.



Hear from the warriors we serve and the organizations we serve with. Click here to see how Wounded Warrior Project is making an impact in the lives of warriors, their families and caregivers, wherever they are on their journey.


  • Sound Spending - Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Financial Class

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (July 21, 2016) – During a recent Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) program event, financial professionals volunteered their time and expertise to warriors and their guests with in- depth briefings on effective financial planning practices.

    As participants met and mingled with fellow warriors, economic experts provided them with useful information about smart budgeting, estate planning, investing, and saving for retirement.

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  • Into the Wild with Wounded Warrior Project

    FOX, Ala. (July 20, 2016) – During a recent Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) program gathering, wounded veterans experienced the Alaskan wilderness up-close-and-personal. These warriors learned firsthand what is possible at social events that get them out of the house and push their physical capabilities in a picturesque outdoor environment.

    Participants traversed their way through the Wickersham Dome Trail of the White Mountains, home to dall sheep, caribou, and several other wildlife species. Just north of Fairbanks, the roads to these trails have been featured on the show “Ice Road Truckers.”

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  • Hunt for Adventure - Wounded Warrior Project Hosts Geocaching Event

    SAVAGE, Md. (July 19, 2016) – Long before people were using smartphones to catch Pokemon in the streets with Pokemon Go, tech-savvy outdoorsmen were using GPS tracking devices to locate real hidden treasures in the world around them – a pastime known as geocaching. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) recently hosted a geocaching event in the Wincopin Trail system of Savage Park.

    Warriors spent the morning crisscrossing the trails and finding items using high-tech GPS gear, all while getting to know fellow veterans in their local area.

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  • Warm Weather and Water Welcome Injured Warriors

    ELEPHANT BUTTE, N.M. (July 18, 2016) – When you have perfect weather, a sunny day, and a large body of water, there’s only one thing to do – enjoy it. Thanks to a program event hosted by Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) and Adaptive Adventures of New Mexico, a group of wounded veterans, their caregivers, and family members were able to do just that. 

    “This was the first program gathering I’ve been to like this, and it was absolutely amazing,” said wounded Army veteran Lindsey Kibler. “Everyone had an excellent time – we couldn’t have gotten a nicer day, so how could you not enjoy it?”

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  • Veterans Sail Away to See Beautiful Connecticut Views

    MYSTIC, Conn. (July 18, 2016) – On a perfect-weather day, injured warriors took in stunning scenery during a Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) sailing trip through the Long Island Sound. The experience gave veterans a chance to get some fresh air while socializing and healing with fellow service members. 

    “One of the things I enjoyed most about this program event was the opportunity to be with other warriors and warrior families,” said Ryan Hinton, Army National Guard. “There’s something unique about the friendships veterans have with each other. They can be very healing.” 

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