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"In four short days, Project Odyssey helped me heal some wounds I’d been working on for a decade."

Mental Wellness

"I want to motivate our warriors to recover from their injuries the best they can."

Mike Delancey

"Without Wounded Warrior Project, I would probably still be trying to transition from Sergeant Crutch to Lisa Crutch."

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Jessica Coulter

When it got to the point where Jessica Coulter could not buy groceries for herself and two sons, she knew it was time to ask for help.

Read Jessica's story.

Manny Colon

As Manny Colón saw his dream of a lifelong military career in the United States Army come to an unexpected halt, he slowly became entangled in a nightmare of bitterness and depression.

Read Manny's story.

Bill Geiger

When Bill Geiger returned to civilian life after two deployments with the United States Army, he was a changed man.

Read Bill's story.

Donna Pratt

Donna Pratt didn’t want to be an individual. That’s how she felt though hobbling around on crutches in Fort Stewart, Georgia, separated by thousands of miles from her military family in Iraq.

Read Donna's story.

Warrior Families Christine Schei Testimonial

When Christine Schei’s son Erik was shot and rendered quadriplegic, she didn’t know how to take care of him. She found the support she needed through WWP, and now she mentors other caregivers.

Meet the Schei family


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