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We’re stronger together

Join our Veteran and Family Support programs and feel the strength of your community.

As a warrior or caregiver, there may be times when you feel like no one understands what you’re going through. Wounded Warrior Project is here to make sure you know you are never alone.

Register for our free programs below, and you’ll be connected with a supportive community of people who understand your experience, because they’ve been there too.

Need a DD214 or service record?

These documents are available free to service members and their families. Click below to request the form you need.

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Warrior & Veteran Support


Find your people, find new strength. If you suffered a physical or mental injury, wound, or illness during your military service on or after September 11, 2001, join the veteran Alumni and you’ll receive a wide range of services and support – all completely free.

Join and you’ll access:

  • A wide range of essential programs and services to help you and your family along your journey to recovery.
  • Alumni events and activities to connect with your warrior family throughout the year.

Family Support


Warriors aren’t the only ones who face challenges transitioning back to civilian life – families and caregivers need support too! At WWP we understand that every road to recovery is different, and we have a wide range of ways to help you wherever you’re at.

Join and connect with:

  • Free programs and services to make sure your loved one receives all the benefits and support they deserve.
  • Alumni and family events where you can connect with other warrior families like yours


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