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Project Odyssey FAQs

Project Odyssey starts with a five-day mental health workshop using nature as a backdrop which allows you to take a step back from everyday routines. During your participation with your fellow warriors, you build resilience, develop coping skills, and achieve goals that will improve your quality of life. Many who participate in the program also develop improved relationships with friends and loved ones.

Project Odyssey is available to warriors who have experienced significant stress during their military service. It’s most appropriate for those who are not experiencing a crisis and ready to discuss emotional issues and set goals leading to improved mental health. We facilitate all male, all female and couples (warrior and their significant other) Project Odyssey programs.

Project Odyssey is a twelve (12) week program which begins with a weeklong mental health workshop. The tools, skills, and bonds you gain through the workshop will be enhanced over the 12 weeks following the workshop.

Yes. Project Odyssey provides non-clinical support and isn’t meant to take the place of any clinical treatment or counseling you may be receiving.

No. Project Odyssey is a non-clinical service, so there is nothing we provide that would increase your disability rating with the VA.

Yes. Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) offers a wide range of programs that focus on the mental health & wellness needs of warriors, their families, and caregivers. We also maintain a database of verified third-party resources we can refer to for further support.

No. We do not share information with VA offices or other entities outside of WWP.


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