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Transition Training Academy

TTA Mission

To empower today's wounded service members and veterans with the tools they will need to return to life, to the working world, to the competitive spirit, and to the world-class family known as the American Workforce.

Simply stated, the goals of the Transition Training Academy include:

  • Develop new career skills with real world potential through focused instruction.
  • Provide hope to injured service members and their families.
  • Demonstrate leadership during the recovery process and transition into civilian life.
  • Communicate to corporate America the productivity and capability of America's wounded warriors.


WWP created Transition Training Academy (TTA), a hands-on program that helps you explore the information-technology (IT) field as a possible career choice. TTA instruction is a high-touch blended learning model where instructors engage personally with each student with “learn-by-doing” teaching techniques that increase the potential for student success. This is especially beneficial for those warriors who live with TBI or PTSD. All TTA courses and class materials are provided free of charge to WWP Alumni and family members.

If you are interested in registering for the TTA Program, visit our registration page to learn more information.