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About the Transition Training Academy (TTA)

TTA helps warriors explore IT as a potential career and develop new skills with real-world applications to help secure future employment. Active-duty service members, spouses, and caregivers can complete courses at medical treatment facilities, warrior training units, and through battalion command centers. TTA is also available as an online class for those not located near a specified location or WWP office.

The program provides a flexible schedule of courses to accommodate participants' medical appointments and duty requirements. Courses, which are offered two times each week, are divided into shorter segments to increase participant attendance, material retention, and completion regardless of cognitive or physical limitations, medical obligations, or duty assignments. Students access computers at their location, have peer support, and collaborate with their instructors.

You’ll learn valuable career skills with real-world applications, and you’ll also get a jump-start on future employment. TTA graduates have used their training to:

  • Secure a civilian job
  • Return to service in a new IT-related military occupation
  • Enroll in advanced-level course work at a local college
  • Earn valuable industry certifications, such as the CompTia A+, Network +, Security +, and CASP.

For additional information about TTA, please contact

Transition Training Academy Transition Training Academy Transition Training Academy