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WWP Packs


wwp packs

WWP backpacks are filled with essential care and comfort items such as clothing, toiletries, playing cards, and more - all designed to make a hospital stay more comfortable. Wounded service members receive backpacks as they arrive at military trauma units across the United States.

Injured warriors overseas who are evacuated from field hospitals to larger military treatment facilities stateside or abroad receive a smaller version of the WWP backpack, known as Transitional Care Packs (TCPs), for immediate comfort.

To the left is an example of the WWP backpacks warriors receive in the hospital. WWP packs can be purchased through Under Armour and will be presented to an injured service member recuperating in a military hospital. For more information, visit Under Armour.

"At that moment, there probably wasn't a more significant gift [WWP backpack] that I've ever received. And with the gift came a promise…that if there was anything I ever needed, they were there for me. It was just really nice to know there was somebody in your corner."

Wounded Warrior

Family Support


The family experiences challenges along with their warrior. WWP reaches out to family members who are suddenly serving as full-time supporters or caregivers.

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The Alumni program provides opportunities for warriors and their families to engage with each other and with their communities through multiple events.

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WWP Resource Center


Our Resource Center provides warriors and their families/ caregivers with information on the best available programs and services to meet their needs.

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