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Fraud FAQs

No. There are several defamatory blog postings on the internet — along with various email chains – which claim WWP is a scam. Despite the recent removal of many articles originating the false information, rumors and falsehoods continue to circulate and surface online. 

Many of these postings stem from false accusations initially published by an Indiana individual, Dean Graham. In 2014, a federal court judgment was entered against Graham permanently enjoining him from making defamatory statements about WWP.  As part of this judgment, Graham retracted his false statements and apologized to Wounded Warrior Project, acknowledging that his conduct was disrespectful and inappropriate.  Follow the links below to view the court documents. 

Absolutely, but the “data” and quotes cited by those attempting to defame WWP are false. The numbers have been fabricated in an effort to defame ­­­­­­­WWP. GuideStar, the largest source of nonprofit information, released a statement refuting the false information circulating using GuideStar’s falsified data as reference regarding WWP. GuideStar states the author neglected to include WWP program expenses when presenting their financial “facts” online, and that overhead ratios are not a fair assessment of the overall impact WWP has on its mission of honoring and empowering wounded warriors.

GuideStar has also requested a retraction printed and the removal of the untruthful material.

Some of the information circulating states: 

  • FALSE: That WWP reported $115,199,467 in overhead expenses on our 2012 IRS Form 990.
    • TRUTH: This is a fabricated number. The WWP 2012 990 actually shows that our total expenses (program, admin, and fundraising) were $95,511,549. We are independently audited every year, and copies of our financial documents since our inception are easily accessible for free on our website at
  • FALSE: That WWP pays excessive compensation.
    • TRUTH: Compensation for executive staff at WWP is set following IRS rules, and based on comparison data derived from industry-wide surveys and the IRS 990s of other similar size and scope nonprofits. Our salaries are consistent with industry standards and have often fallen at the lower end of compensation paid at comparable organizations.
  • FALSE: Only 3.5% of WWP’s income is being expended to directly help service members.
    • TRUTH: This is only the amount of funds WWP grants to other organizations, suggesting those grants represent the totality of our programs, which is untrue. The truth is that WWP directly operates over 20 programs and services to support service members and their families and the vast majority of our program expenditures constitute those internally-operated programs. Descriptions of our programs can be found on our website and are provided on our IRS Form 990 and audited financial statements, along with a breakdown of the amount spent on each program.

The CEO’s salary is set by our board of directors and is in line with other national charity CEO salaries. His salary can be found on our 990, available on our financials page.

WWP strives to provide our warriors with high-touch, comprehensive support in the areas of mental health, physical health, education and employment. We pay a competitive wage so that we can hire expert, licensed staff in those fields to run our programs. Our warriors and their families deserve no less.

To see the impact WWP and our skilled staff are making in the lives of those we serve, please visit:

Not at all. WWP has always supported the Constitution of the United States of America, including the First and Second Amendments. We recognize these are freedoms our service members fought and sacrificed to protect. We regularly register religious-based events and accept donations from religious-based organizations. Our mission focus is on supporting our nation's wounded veterans and providing therapeutic and beneficial programs, including hunting and outdoor activities. We have a long history of facilitating and sponsoring activities that involve firearms. We value the contributions we receive from fundraisers and donors, including the firearm and sporting industry and organizations.

WWP may engage in these practices and, if so, individuals soliciting on behalf of WWP will do the following: wear a lanyard/badge/unique fundraiser photo ID, accept donations via a secure iPad and/or phone call using a credit card (cash donations are not accepted), and they will not go door-to-door. 

At this time, WWP uses a 3rd party near the Houston and Charlotte areas for "face-to-face fundraising" outside of certain outside of certain businesses and high-traffic areas.

If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any WWP fundraiser, please contact

WWP does not authorize use of its trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos, domain names, and other distinctive brand features without prior approval. WWP also does not authorize proceeds from sales without a licensing agreement. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of any event or fundraiser claiming to benefit WWP, please contact

No. WWP does not advertise for jobs or services of any kind via Craigslist. All legitimate WWP job opportunities are listed on our website under “Cool Careers."

No. WWP does not utilize crowdfunding sites to accept donations. The best way to donate directly to WWP is through our website.

Most likely no. WWP pays only its vendors, contractors, and legitimate employees, and does not send unsolicited checks in the mail. If you receive a check purporting to be from WWP and you are unsure of its origins, please contact

WWP fundraising efforts do not include door-to-door solicitation or the promise of gift cards in return for donations. If you have been a victim of this fraudulent solicitation, we urge you to contact your state consumer protection agency – they have the best available resources to investigate and prosecute these matters.

WWP has many Proud Supporter hosted events nationwide! You can check out all of the registered and approved WWP community events at: and click "find an event near you." If an event does not appear on the calendar, feel free to drop us a line at

Unfortunately, yes. A few of the previous scams perpetrated against WWP are listed here.

If you suspect fraud, immediately contact your state or local consumer protection office. These agencies have the best available resources to investigate and prosecute these matters. 

You can also report any incidents of consumer fraud or deception directly to the Federal Trade Commission at or call (877) FTC-HELP. 

If you believe an organization or website may not be operating for its claimed charitable purpose, contact your state attorney general or the Better Business Bureau at

We’d also appreciate a heads-up! We take all reports of fraud and infringement against WWP seriously, and will update our supporters here if we receive several alerts concerning the same scam. Please email

Reporting potential fraudulent activity to WWP is integral to protecting the integrity of our organization, and empowers us to continue helping service members and their families.

For more on veteran and military family charitable solicitations, visit: Also, check back here often for updated information on current scams and fraud alerts.


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