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Thank You for Helping Us Stop Scammers and Foil Fraudsters!

Public vigilance helps protect the integrity of WWP, and the warriors and families we serve. When we receive several of the same alert, we inform our warriors and supporters here. If you have information about suspected fraud or scam against WWP, please email

SENTENCED: Missouri Man Receives Eight Years in Prison on 11 Felony Counts

Thank you, Missouri Attorney General Koster, St. Charles, and St. Louis counties, for your combined efforts to bring William Harshbarger to justice for stealing funds people thought they were donating to WWP.

SENTENCED: Con Artist Sentenced to 3 Years in Prison after Stealing Thousands by Impersonating WWP

Thank you to local authorities in Columbus and Toledo for bringing this con man to justice.

SENTENCED: Men Claiming to Be WWP Partners Fraudulently Selling T-Shirts to Military Exchanges Nationwide

Thank you, Escambia county law enforcement, for protecting consumers against counterfeit merchandise at military exchanges and for acting to protect donors against fraudulent solicitations.

SENTENCED: Missouri National Guard Member Sentenced to 8 Years for Pocketing WWP Charitable Donations

Thank you, Phelps County Prosecutors and Missouri Attorney General for protecting WWP donors against fraudulent charitable solicitations. Andrew J. Fortner received eight years in prison on two counts of forgery.

CHARGED: Two Men Charged with Scam Solicitations in the Name of WWP

Thank you, residents and law enforcement of Englewood, New Jersey, for protecting the mission of WWP by recognizing and reporting this scam.

REPORTED: Online Fundraising Scam "Fallen Warriors Fund" Masquerading as WWP

Thank you, Twitter followers, for promptly reporting this "charity" impersonating WWP, and for helping to prevent more donors from being swindled into false giving.


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